What is an Unlimited Monthly Wash Pass membership? As a member of the Unlimited Monthly Wash Pass you would be able to receive unlimited washes varying by the type of package you choose. Members pay by debit or credit card automatically each month. Sign up and receive a barcode card that is applied to the front windshield. Simply drive up and have our Customer Service Associate scan it to receive your wash. The Unlimited Monthly Wash Pass Membership cannot be combined with any other offer or programs. The day you sign up becomes your monthly billing debit date. The program is tied to one vehicle and limited to unlimited washing for that vehicle only. The membership will be attached to your car type, color and license plate. If you wish to transfer information upon purchase of a new vehicle, please do so directly at Woodbridge Car Wash or call 732-634-4333.


When signing onto our Unlimited Monthly Wash Pass, you are issued a barcode sticker that gets placed on your windshield confirming your membership. 


Worried about rain following a car wash? 
Worry no more, with the unlimited wash pass you can wash your car once a day, once a week, or whenever you choose!


Your credit card gets charged automatically once a month and you are able to cancel anytime.